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4304 County Rd. N
Oshkosh, WI 54902
Mrs. Patti Asmus


Pancake Supper

Green Meadow and Lakeside families had a pancake supper at Lakeside on Tuesday, May 29th. The families were able to get to know each other and some of the Green Meadow students could see their new school. The students and teachers had to catch their supper!


Author Visit

Daniel San Souci came to visit our school on April 5th! He told us about himself, how he gets ideas for his books, then showed us the pictures for a book that he wrote. He also drew us a picture and answered our questions. Thanks again to the Oshkosh Public Library who made this visit possible!
Check out this website for more information about Daniel San Souci and his books: http://www.clubhousebooks.com/index.htm


Spirit Week

Green Meadow had Spirit Week during the week before Spring Break. Monday was Sports Day!

Tuesday was Green Meadow Spirit Day!



Way to go Green Meadow, you did a great at collecting pledges for our Read-a-Thon. We raised $2,473.26. Based on that amount the children can spend $1,236.63 on books, the school can spend $741.98 on books and we will recieve $494.65 in cash.
Great job!!


Student Article Published in the Oshkosh Northwestern

Lexi, a fourth grader at Green Meadow, had an article published in the Oshkosh Northwestern! Lexi wrote in her article, "Don't Close Green Meadow Elementary" about why Green Meadow should be kept open. Click on the link below to read her article:



The third graders at Green Meadow created a podcast about famous African Americans. A podcast is video or audio that is uploaded to the internet. The third graders researched famous African Americans. They then learned how to use the digital video camera to record each other reading the interesting facts they learned about the person they researched. This video was uploaded to Google video so they could share their hard work with you.
Click on this link to watch the video!

The first graders' Reader's Theater of "The Mitten" is also on Google video!


Battle of the Books

This year 30 students in fourth and fifth grade participated in Battle of the Books. These students were divided into eight teams. Starting in October the teams started reading the 20 Battle books. They worked very hard to read their books and remember details about the plots, characters, and settings. In January the Green Meadow Battle of the Books competition took place. The defending champions from last year, Meghan, Jack, Andy, and Taylor, took first place again this year. Congratulations! They will now go on to the state competition which will take place on February 19th. They will answer questions about the books online to compete against other teams from around the state.


Caldecott Voting

First through fifth grade students learned about the Caldecott Award that is given to the book with the best illustrations. They learned about the criteria a book must meet to win the award. Then they looked at five books being considered for the award. With a group they discussed the book's pictures and made sure each book met the criteria needed to win the award. Each student then voted for the book they thought should win the Green Meadow Caldecott Award. When the votes were counted Hedgie Blasts Off by Jan Brett was the winner. Bats at the Beach by Brian Lies and Flotsam by David Weisner were the Caldecott Honor books.

On January 22nd the real Caldecott winners were announced and they are: Caldecott Award: Flotsam by David Weisner (Green Meadow Honor Book), Caldecott Honor: Gone Wild: An Endangered Animal Encyclopedia by David McLimans, and Moses: When Harriet Tubman led her People to Safety by Carole Boston Weatherford and illustrated by Kadir Nelson.


Thank you, Shane!

Shane Asmus, son of our principal, Mrs. Asmus, visited our school on December 20th. He came to thank us for the snacks and letters we sent his unit in Iraq this past fall. To honor Green Meadow's contributions, they flew a flag for our school on October 19th, in Iraq, which he dedicated to our students during his presentation. Green Meadow students should be proud of themselves for their thoughtfulness.


Student Council

Green Meadow Student Council is committed to linking our school community with the Oshkosh community. Our group has many activities, such as a canned food drive, we adopt a family for the holidays, monthly school store sales, donate to community charities and an end of the year school dance.

Our 2006-2007 Student Council members are:

3rd grade
Gabriella, Cody, Austin, Kaitlyn

4th Grade
Lydia, Kendra, Jacob

5th grade
Christina, Allison, Brittany, Andy, Logan P., Taylor, Ben, Cole J., Halie, Dustin, Abby, Jack, Ellen, Ryan, Alex, Brett, Cole B., Nate, Cole Y., Logan H., Bethany

Meet some of Green Meadow's Student Council members!

Hi! I’m Meghan, the Student Council President. I have a brother that is 16 years old, a dad and a mom and two loving, but annoying cats. I like fighting with my brother, reading books, doing crafts and love being on Student Council. I know that we’re all going to have a fun year, while helping out!

Hi! I’m Zac, your Student Council Vice President and here are some things that I like to do. I like mostly all sports – especially football. I like animals, but I like frilled lizards the most. I’m 10 years old and my favorite food is popcorn.


Jessica Doyle

On October 2nd Wisconsin's First Lady, Jessica Doyle, came to Green Meadow to talk to the fourth and fifth graders. She talked about her book club and about her game, "Where in Wisconsin is Jessica Doyle?" The students also had the opportunity to ask her many questions. Mrs. Doyle gave our school the books that are her October picks for the book club. She even signed one of the books for us!

We sang the Wisconsin Milk Song for her!

For more information about the book club, Read on Wisconsin, visit this website:



Birthday Book Club

Thanks to the PTO, we will offer a birthday book to each of our students during the month of his or her birthday. Summer birthday children receive their books on their "unbirthday" (6 months from their actual birth date).



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