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Author Visit

Daniel San Souci came to visit our school on April 5th! He told us about himself, how he gets ideas for his books, then showed us the pictures for a book that he wrote. He also drew us a picture and answered our questions. Thanks again to the Oshkosh Public Library who made this visit possible!
Check out this website for more information about Daniel San Souci and his books: http://www.clubhousebooks.com/index.htm


Spirit Week

Green Meadow had Spirit Week during the week before Spring Break. Monday was Sports Day!

Tuesday was Green Meadow Spirit Day!



Way to go Green Meadow, you did a great at collecting pledges for our Read-a-Thon. We raised $2,473.26. Based on that amount the children can spend $1,236.63 on books, the school can spend $741.98 on books and we will recieve $494.65 in cash.
Great job!!

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